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DMG – Ridzi’s home

Riddhima’s home

Saans Bahu Aur Saazish visited Shilpa Anand’s (Dr.Riddhima Gupta) house.

Ridzi loves to spend more time with the puppy .. then with Dr. Armaan Mallik .. because it is sooo cuteeeeey … At least that may allow Dr. Armaan some time to say hello to a few of his fans. Once he is engaged to Dr.Ridzi he will have no time for poor fans as he will be fully occupied in service of the young lady … or perhaps starting his own private cosmetic surgery practice in California. US dollars ya know .. Mind you he has given a serious thought to Perth in Australia.

Oh well, we shall just have to wait and see. As long as he takes a little Ganesh with him he should be fine. And a little rolling mill so that the income keeps rolling in … at least that is what meri mummy ne kaha. Ridzi to make sure she packs a little Ganesh murti in his case.