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DMG – Jashn-e-Baharaa 1

title: Jashn-E-Baharaa – movie: Jodhaa Akbar – video: forevercharmed30


A short story in the life of this young couple.

For backgound to who this young dynamic couple are check Armaan & Riddhima – Introduction.

Armaan and Riddhima have been invited to a dinner dance party. The function is progressing well and they are meeting old friends at the same time introducing each other’s friends to one another. The program included dandia-raas dance which Armaan simply had to enjoy – he and his friends love this form of dance called dandia raas where two sticks form the basis of rythm.

Riddhima is talking to Jay, an American Indian junior intern doctor visiting Sanjeevani hospital where she works with Armaan. She has been showing him around at the hospital. Riddhima (friends call her Riddhi) has been assigned by her senior manager the task of looking after Jay during his fortnight long visit. Jay has also been invited to the party by the host Preeti who is senior administrator at the hospital. Armaan has been keeping an eye on Jay and Riddhi as they have been chatting for a long while and he is missing her company. To make matters worse Jay speaks with American English and is fairly good looking. Jay has been trying to impress Riddhima since he arrived on the scene. Jay is a confident man, sometimes too confident and he does not give up easily. Once he sets his mind on something he must have it. He will do anything to get it, even if it means hurting people along the way.

Armaan is not happy with the flirting going on between Jay and Riddhima. He feels he is being left out as Riddhima has mentioned on occasions that she would love to go work in USA and maybe even settle down if she found the place suitable. And a suitable marriage partner. So she has a soft spot for American things, people and country. Of course Armaan does not like to hear this at all.

Naadaan hai woh, kehte hain jo, mere liye tum ho ghair
Dil mein magar, jalte rahe, chaahat ke diye
Tere liye

Armaan misses Riddhima at the celebration as Riddhi is busy elsewhere with Jay and her friends. The minute he sees her alone he pulls her over with a jolt. Poor girl nearly dislocated her shoulder … he just does not understand how delicate women or rather girls are. And he is supposed to be a doctor she wonders. He is very careful and professional with his patients, so why not me she wonders. She blames his mother for lack of manners and etiquette. She makes a note to change things once she feels he ready to settle down with her. Still he is the one she had set her heart on – her chosen jeevan saathi – this is the one she assures herself. Why Oh why does he not understand what I am going through she wonders. The fire of love within her, in her heart for him … at times she thinks he just does not care for her love. Or am I being insecure she ponders an unwelcome thought.

Riddhima looks deep into Armaan’s eyes and she can hear Armaan’s heart singing Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho. It has taken her ages to find the right partner. So many fakes and false dawns later he arrived on the scene. As luck would have it Armaan is her friend Priya’s distant cousin but she had never mentioned of him. One day Riddhima bumped into Priya and Armaan at a mutual friend’s birthday party. How the fortune changes when the Gods are smiling she said quietly to herself.

Armaan needs to discuss the evening schedule with Riddhi. He looks into Riddhi ‘s eyes and he can hear her heart singing Lag Ja Gale Se. He knows this song is her favourite ever since they first met at a secret beach resort. Whenever she hears this on her ipod, it has a warm, romantic and a loving effect on her. She just melts into a love universe! For him she is so special ..

ye teri nazar ka kusoor hai
tere pyaar ne teri chaah ne
teri behki behki nigaah ne
mujhe ek sharaabi bana diya

He has a pet name for Riddhima and calls her Riddhi, Merri Jaan when he wants to get close to her for a hug and a kiss. She loves the attention from her prince charming of course. She is very happy to have found him as her previous boyfriend turned out to be quite something else. At times when she is sad or feeling a little low she just thinks of Armaan and reminds herself “Mere Armaan, Armaan is there for me” and that brings a big wide smile to her face. Cool she thought.

tujhe dekh dekh sona
tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
maine yeh zindagani sang tere bitaani
tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai
Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye
At one point Riddhima goes upstairs to the bedroom to freshen up. Armaan chases her upstairs and during the tussle they land on the bed. Armaan has an impulse to get close, hug her and kiss her. Riddima gets a little worried and turns her face the other way to his advances. Anyway Armaan gets the message that her face is a no go area and so he controls himself. What a relief to Riddhima. Hope I will not have to refuse him one day soon she tells herself.
Armaan had a restless night and decides to call his girlfriend. He asked her if it was too late but she insisted that they continue talking. They talked about this and that and lots of other things … like anything .. it was just they felt the need to be close together but cannot be for now.
Eventually the discussion came around to Dr. Jay. Armaan was concerened that he was flirting with her. Riddhima said there was nothing of the sort and he need not worry about it. Besides I think I love you Armaan. Riddhima slipped up here and she realizd it was the wrong thing to say. She thought he was getting paranoid for no reason but Armaan was serious. He questioned her the meaning of “I think”. Are you sure you love me or are you just playing games with me asked Armaan. Riddhima apologised and said she was very sorry – she was his and nobody on earth could break that bond. Soon after she hung up as it had been a lengthy conversation over the phone.
Armaan’s cell phone went off and he cursed the hospital night nurse – she always calls me up at the most inconvenient moments like just past one in the early hours of the morning. Anyway I had better check the cell phone else the Senior Consultant will not be happy. Armaan checks the cell phone. The text message reads “Thank you for a great evening. Hope you had a good time too. Love you xxxx”. It was from Riddhi. Of course it was in SMS English but that is what it said. Armaan smiled and felt happy. He replied to Riddhima “It was great fun with you. You are the best. Love you too xxx”

Next day Armaan saw Jay chatting up Riddhima. He saw her laughing and giggling with him This annoyed Armaan a great deal. He asked Riddhima to meet him in the car park that evening after the shift was over. They discussed Jay’s antics in great detail and Armaan lost his temper. She knew he would so in a way she was well prepared for his flare up. Armaan would not listen to any excuses Riddhima put up and eventually it got too much for her. She cried but Armaan just continued ignoring her crying. She was most definitely not acting, it did hurt her to see that Armaan thought she was attracted towards Jay. It was all very unfair and not true at all. She could not understand why Armaan was hurting her so much when she was willing to give her life for his love. Men just do not understand the emotions of a woman in love she thought. Armaan is no different but I still love him. One day I will make him so happy .. stars will dance in the sky .. and chanda mama will be smiling for both of us. Wow ! can’t wait for that day, it cannot come soon enough.

Riddhima is a deeply understanding and a mature person when it comes to loving relationship …. she understands emotional ties and what it means to have a long term stable life partner. Riddhima turns positive and focuses on the day they will both be together. She dreamt of being held firmly in his secure and confident arms. She longed to be hugged, cuddled and kissed by him. It will happen soon she assures herself. I will make it happen she promises herself this much.

gale se laga loon, labon pe saja loon
tere afsaanon ko main apna bana loon
dard hai halka sa, magar ho raha hai
jaane jaan dilon pe pyaar ka
ajab sa asar ho raha hai

Just to try and improve the situation, she moved up close to Armaan, wrapped her arms around him, hugged him hard and kissed him. Armaan was once more smiling again and happy. Men are just like babies, they need to be comforted and made to feel important she thought. It made her smile and of course he was smiling already. Riddhima went to the bathroom to freshen up and fix her make up. Just as she had finished, she could hear somebody walked in behind her.

In the mirror she could see it was Armaan. He stood behind her while she was checking in the mirror doing her hair. Armaan wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her real close to his chest. He kissed her lower neck. It had a lightening effect on her, she was pleasantly surprised. He continued kissing along the neck moving up to the ear. Then he whispered in her ear “I love you Baby, I love you”. It was wonderful to hear those words, they echoed in her ears again and again. She could feel his fragrance, his breathe. She pushed him away as she was getting too hot and excited. “Behave yourself Armaan, not now please” she blurted out. She could feel in her heart the echo of his words. Oh how much she wished he would continue .. but not the right time .. soon one day, soon Armaan. “I will be waiting for you my darling with open arms” she whispered within.

Armaan stopped. He came around to the front. He winked at her, embraced her in his long arms and kissed her firmly and said “Let’s go somewhere nice for dinner. How about our secret love rendezvous?” She smiled as they drove away. She was on top of the world to see him smiling again!

chaahe tum kuch na kaho, maine sun liya
ke saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya
chun liya, maine sun liya

True Love Only Comes Once in a Lifetime.
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