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DMG – Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtihan

title: Ishq leta hai kaise Imtihan, Dill Mill Gayye – video: therashid

For backgound to who this young dynamic couple are check Armaan & Riddhima – Introduction.

usse aur kya chaihiye zindagi mein
jisse mil gayee hai mohabbat tumhari..

Armaan and Ridzi had an eventful week with their hearts not singing together. The basket ball game between the boys versus the girls did not exactly improve the relations between the two teams. Needless to say the boys got distracted by the fragrances of the girls and the girls being more shrewd of the two teams used their charms to woo the boys away from the game. Anyway both sides decided to meet up on Saturday night to celebrate and have some team fun. Also they had a lot of gossip to catch up with in and outside the hospital where they all worked. Later that night they went out for dinner at a trendy restaurant.

All had agreed to meet at a fruit juice bar near Ridzi’s home two hours before setting off for the restaurant. There had been some argument between Armaan and Ridzi. It was about the way he was dressed. He was too casual and not smart enough. He had been wearing dark jeans which appeared to be without ironing, no crease lines – it seemed as if he had slept in the jeans all night. She said he needed to wear smarter clothes, have a clean shave and also a haircut was long overdue. She laughed as she criticized his style in front of others. Later she made some joking remarks about how he messed up at the basketball match. All this was adding fuel to the fire – Armaan was not too impressed with her big mouth.

Armaan thought she had been playing up lately .. I don’t know what the problem is with her but something is bugging her. Maybe I am not good enough for her or for her father .. but hey who cares .. there are plenty of girls around and many other hospitals, she is nothing special. Maybe it is not her father, maybe it is her trying to assert herself so that I would not take advantage of her good nature. Maybe she is setting out territory rights in case we get married. I am not sure I want to rush into a marriage as yet. Her comments like “Gulami ke liye taiyar ho jawo” whilst playing basket ball does not help a romantic relationship. I am nobody’s gulam, least of any woman and definitely not hers anyway. I come from a well to-do sort of rich family – we have been brought up to be leaders, not gulams. But Armaan is putting on a brave face .. yes, she is special. He just does not want to admit to it but he is missing her terribly. His own ego does not wish to accept that he does love Ridzi and is missing her. Considering all his past girlfriends Ridzi seems to be the one for me he thought .. but why is she trying her best to upset me ? Or is it her way of saying she wants me .. “Ohh women .. strange creatures .. I just don’t know anymore” – all these thoughts run through his mind.

tumhein hum apne jism aur jaan mein kuch aise basa lenge
teri khusboo apne jism ki khusboo bana lengey
khuda se bhi na jo tute
woh rishta jod lengey hum

Ridzi stayed home Sunday helping mummy in the kitchen as they were having guests. Also learning to make paratha while helping. Yes I know I am a doctor but one day I will be running a home with Armaan as my husband she says to herself quietly. I know I upset him and he was not happy when we parted. I did not get the usual kiss nor even a short hug. Not even a “see you”. He was sulking when I tried to say good bye and did not reply. He gets so upset in little things .. but maybe I should have mentioned it in private when we were alone. Maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut. His younger sister Sonal is great, we get along well and she understands me. I think I will talk to Sonal and get things back to normal. I miss him so much. Next time I will only mention things in private. Oh God please make something happen soon. I am so tense and stressed with his thoughts.

title: Sajna Aaa Bhi Jaa – video: DJSAB07

It was nearly eight in the evening. Ridzi’s mother notices something was bugging her as she has been making quite a few mistakes all day. Usually she is good at concentrating on any task she is given except when there is something amiss with her nearest and dearest. Mummy thinks this is unlike her normal self. So far no news from Armaan. Usually he would have called by now or at least sent me a text message. I think I will call him and see if he is still upset with me. Second thoughts better not call him, he is going to shout if he is still in a bad mood. I think I will send him a message. Ridzi sends a text message “Hi Armaan, how are you? No news from you yaar. I am sorry about my comments last night. Please let me know everything is okay. Love you Ridzi xx”. She wrote in shorthand SMS lingo but that is what it said putting it in proper English. More troubled thoughts go through her mind. “I do not wish to loose him. He is the best there is. He is intelligent and will be a well paid medical doctor. He is well built, muscular and physically a big guy. He is confident and handsome”.

Hours pass .. it has gone just past midnight …. Ridzi is restless .. she cannot sleep .. raat kat ti nahi .. dil sotta nahi .. and no news yet from him. She is aware that the message has been read by Armaan so why is he not replying. Wonder what he is thinking of me .. damn it. I will wait for another hour .. maybe he will send me a message. Oh God, what have I done … with that she put the cell phone next to her pillow. She kept starring at the ceiling. Her heart was beating so hard she could hear the thuds. Oh God, where is he yaar? She picked up the cell phone and gripped it tightly in her palm. Ridzi was clearly very distressed. All nasty thoughts raced through her mind. Will he never talk to me again? Has he found a new girlfriend? He did say he would prefer his partner to be from another professional background. She was on the edge. Suddenly it all went dark and quiet. Ridzi fell asleep, she was floating in the clouds .. so peaceful.

neend aati nahin yaad jaati nahin
bin tere ab jiyaa jaaye na

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