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DMG – Jashn-e-Baharaa 2

Armaan & Riddhima : Jashn-E-Baharaa – video: hiba221093


Another short story in the life of this young couple.

For backgound to who this dynamic couple are check Armaan & Riddhima – Introduction.

Dr. Riddhima checks her handbag. Keys, purse all there. It is time to go home. Down the lift but he is in the lift too. Oh my God, he is going home too. Dr. Armaan has the same plan – go home after a late shift at the hospital. He spotted her in the lift. Armaan opens the car and gestures Riddhima to join but she looks concerned and puzzled. Should I or should I not? What will people say if they notice us leaving together? There are enough rumors flying around in and out of Sanjeevani hospital. Surely this open and helpful gesture is not going to help although he may have good intentions. I would love to go home with him but I had better not take any chances thinks Riddhima. A lot of soul searching. Her brain is in an overdrive mode thinking all the possibilities. Eventually she gets in albeit reluctantly as anybody could be watching them from the hospital. The patients are nosey too as they have nothing much to do except stare at the ceiling all day she smiles. Armaan and Rhiddhima have a brief chat about the day at the hospital. The key topic was the appointment of a new female registrar Nisha. Apparently Nisha is well groomed and good looking – all the boys are expressing keen interest in meeting the new doctor. Obviously Rhiddhima does not want Armaan anywhere near her. She will make sure to guard him with all that necessary. Armaan takes her home. On the way home they decide to have a shower at home, freshen up and go out for the evening meal and some courting. She was dying to be asked out anyway but held back a little. She wanted Armaan to know she does not come easily and she too is proud of her good looks and her professional abilities.

ishq yeh dekh ke hairan hai
fool se khushabu khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein
Saare sahme nazare hai, soye soye waqt ke dhare hai
or dil mai khoi khoi si baate hai

She changes into a deep pink organza saree and looks stunning. Armaan offers his hand and wants her closer. Initially she is reluctant but finally gives in as she too would love a hug. The couple dance under moonlit night out in the open under the stars – very romantic. They stare into each other’s eyes endlessly .. then the clock strikes midnight and Armaan takes her home again. Riddhima tries to kiss Armaan but forgets there is the car window pane in between separating their lips … Sheeshe Ki Ek Deewar Hai Jaise Darmiyaan. He returns a kiss at the lipstick mark on the window where she had kissed earlier. Shame he did not jump out of the car and embrace her … or at least lower the car window pane. Riddhima is disappointed but nothing can be done about it. Missed opportunity again for both of us she consoles herself.

koi kaise kahe woh hai ya nahi humare
Karte to hai saath safar, Faansle hai fir bhi magar
jaise milte nahi kisi dariya ke do kinare
paas hai fir bhi paas nahi, hum ko ab yeh raas nahi
Shishe ki ek deewar hai jaise darmiyan

Soon Riddhima gets home. All evening and the rest of the night she is concerened and worried why he did not wish to kiss her. Have I upset him somehow unintentionally of course ? I would never do that knowing full well he is my heart throb – he should know that, I would die for him. Mind you so would a hundred million other girls. Why is he acting funny? Questions, questions .. oh dear God, please help me. Perhaps he has found another girl or has he ? Her mind is whizzing through a thousand and one excuses. Riddhima is a very caring and a sensitive girl so she is suffering the pain .. most other girls would not care a bit and move on to the next boyfriend. But not Riddhima .. she is loyal, kind and a caring person. That is why she chose to be a doctor .. help others in distress and difficulty. She knows people take advantage of her humble and caring nature … but she would rather be that than an arrogant, despicable girl.

humne jo tha nagma suna, dil mai ye tha ishq chuna
yeh daastan hume waqt ne kaisi sunai
hum jo agar hai gamgeen, woh bhi udhar khush to nahi
mulakato mai hai jaise ghul si gai tanhayi
milke bhi hum milte nahi, khilke bhi gul khilte nahi
aankon mein hai bahaare dil mai fiza

Next day while resting in the hospital rest room, Armaan falls asleep while holding her hands. To test him she was trying something with her dupatta when he suddenly wakes up. That evening they both meet for a dinner date. Armaan had just returned from the gym. He looked fresh after a shower and very trendy in casual but smart clothes. She too looked stunning as usual. The highlight of the evening was Riddhima gets real close to him for a kiss but Armaan missed the opportunity to express his true love for her. He is not sure where they are going so he is playing it safe. Also better to keep her on her toes he says to himself – perhaps she will love me even more and value me more. She might be special but I am no ordinary guy he says to himself quietly. And the fact is he is not – he is so handsome that he could easily be a fashion model. But to be a medical doctor and good looking, well a total package most girls would fall for. And they do. He has no shortage on invitations for dinner/dance dates. One of the admirers even booked a table for two at a posh restaurant before asking Armaan if he could make the date that evening.

Next day at the celebration they meet up again. The young couple were wearing colorful outfits and had a few special romantic moments. They look into each other’s eyes as they embrace. Armaan could hear her heart singing Agar tum mil jao.

Armaan offered Riddhima a red rose he had been hiding behind his back. She gave him a big smile and was glad to see he was romantic after all – my hero she whispered. The fragrance she was wearing was driving him crazy as he looked into her eyes. “Great perfume” he complimented her. Thanks she said with a glowing smile. Armaan was working up to something she thought but could not place a finger on it. Is he trying to impress me she wondered. She thought she deserved to be impressed and would not let him stop short if he wanted to take her around the world in his private jet. Hmm … great idea.

He pulled her closer as he wrapped his arms around her hugging her close to his chest. Suddenly without a warning he leaned forward and kissed her glossy red hot lips. She did not expect this, what a shocking yet pleasant surprise. Her heart started pounding hard and her breathing increased rapidly. His aftershave was wonderful … very spicy fragrance. It seemed to have an effect on her. Shivers ran up her spine. There was a rush of blood through her body. She nearly passed out with excitement. Oh my God what a kiss she exclaimed within. After the first kiss he hugged her close and whispered into her ear ‘I love you Baby, I will always love you .. forever!’. He then pulled back and starred into her eyes. She smiled at him in appreciation but did not say a word, she was stunned …. speechless. She wanted more. “It is time I took you home Riddhi” he said. “No, can’t we stay together for a few more minutes” she heard herself screaming within. But it was getting late and best to go slow. He then put his arm around her shoulders as they walked to the car. She felt warm and humbled. It was a wonderful feeling … to be in love .. to be loved. “Wow” she said to herself .. it is finally happening. At last it is really really happening. Oh my God. She was on the top of the world.

The car pulled up outside her home. Armaan let her out on the passenger side, stood with her for a minute holding her hands. He leant slightly forward, kissed her and said “thanks for a great evening, see you tomorrow” before getting back into the car.

Just as he turned around to look at her for the last time, she stared straight into his eyes and …. she kissed the rose ! He smiled.

tum se hi din hota hai
surmayi shaam aati hai
har ghadi saans aati hai
zindagi kehlati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se


Red Rose Bud

zara zara touch me, touch me
zara zara kiss me, kiss me

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