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DMG – Star SBS Interview – April 22, 2008

April 22, 2008

Karan Grover (Armaan) and Shilpa Anand (Riddhima) give an interview to Saas Bahu aur Saazish (SBS) off the Dill Mill Gayye set. Here they discuss some aspects of the show which happened off the camera.


Dill milla nekki koshish kare rahi hei. Na janeh in dono ke dill waise kub mille gayye. Ayye in dono se poch lege.

[Lekin kooch nahi hotta … she needs to try harder .. because he is SOO special. She just does not appreciate him … he is one in a million and she is so lucky to have him that close!! Ohh my God please help … I only wish it was another girl in her place .. *$@&!]

Notation below – comments made by Riddhima are shown as R: and A: for Armaan

Note : The video is a 100% true AR interview recorded at STAR SBS unit. The statements made by Armaan and Ridzy are shown above as A: and R:. Some of it is translation Hindi to English and some is direct Hindi but written in English eg. Namaste. Summing up anything with A: and R: was the actual conversation, ignore the fragments of lyrics in between which are in Italics. The yellow writing is editorial comments by ek Musafir.

R: Hi all I am Shilpa Anand.
A: And I am Karan Grover.

R :Today I will tell you the viewers how I am trying to win over Armaan. I did quite a few things to impress him .. I organised a bike race, a basketball match, a fight etc. What else can I do for you Armaan to win you over?

A: Maan laga ke pataneki koshish karo .. maan laage ke, dil se, ander se .. Love me with your heart, with all your might .. from within ..

har dua mein shaamil tera pyaar hai

R: Armaan I am doing my best for you. I always do. It is from within. From my heart. It is all asli true love. What else do you want me to do to win you Armaan?

A: I want you to tell the viewers “I Love you Armaan”.

R: It’s all asli true love. I Love You Armaan.

[Riddzi please say it with feelings … maan se kahho, dil se kahho … I love you. Oh please God teach her something, she is such a #&$#…]

dhadhkon ko tujhe se hi darkar hai
tujhse hai rahtein
tujhse hai chahtein

A: Do you miss the romantic scenes, romantic moments, the song sequences and all the extremely close scenes between Armaan-Riddhima we had on the set during shooting? Please tell the truth …

R: You tell me first do you miss them? [What a question?  She obviously does not else she would have said yes I do]

A: Yes, I do miss the romantic moments, I miss them a lot …  on the set with Ridzi.

R: Well … OK. I do feel bad for AR jodi – for how long will we keep fighting and arguing with each other? There should be a point now where we are back together like “normal boyfriend – girlfriend” thing. It is time we had some peace and romance between them. No more love fights ..

For some reason Shilpa all of a sudden decided to mention puppy dog at this point …

A: There is only one thing between our pyar … and it is ek kutta .. a puppy dog. [Karan is not quite keen on the puppy dog love affair].

R: I want to ask you a question. When you saw me first time on the set when we started shooting what did you think about me ?

A: I thought you were a cute girl .. and that it would be great fun to work with you. “Baadi soni kudi hein .. khel ne mein khub maza aaye ga ..”

R: Breaks out into laughter and giggles …

A: I did not know we would be so close on the set and become so close together .. but soon after I saw you for the first time I realised that this is the right girl.

R: When I saw you the very first time I said to myself .. So this is Armaan, let’s check him out properly. I was with Dr. Anjali and we both agreed to hey let’s check him out. We thought Not bad .. yeah ladka bahut confident hein … this guy is not bad, he seems to be a confident person. I am joking, joking.

A: Please say the truth .. no lies please .. We work with each other for twelve hours on a daily basis .. what is the point of telling lies .. there is no place to hide,  the truth please .. say the truth .

Shilpa … suppose one day we finished early from the shooting and we leave the set together to go somewhere nice .. where would you prefer to go with me?

iss pal ko mil ke aa jee lein zaraa

R: Actually after twelve hours on the set I would rather have some sleep, I would rather not go anywhere ….

A: I suppose you would want to rush home and play with your kutta – your puppy dog.. [ the two of them break into a doggy fight ..]

mein hoon yahan
tu hai wahan
sala kutta be hai wahan
hum akele he akele yahan

A: Viewers please do not get stressed up about the arguments or the fighting between us, very soon we will be back together in romantic scenes and moods. Ignore our little pranks and fights because in the end we are going to be together ! Ok bye.

R: Bye.

[End of interview]

[It would appear that Ridz is not 100% with DMG but this is just a feeling based on her replies.]


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