DMG – Karan Singh – Interview of May 13

Naina tere kajraare hai, naino pe hum dil haare hai
Anjaane hi tere naino ne waade kiye kayi saare hai


Karan Singh – Interview of May 13, 2008 – Read the latest from Karan Singh Grover (Armaan) at :  DillMillGayye.

Don’t really know what the world is coming to but even Uncle Chaudhry has started to follow the life of AR jodi. We suggested he should take part in the series to which he replied he would be happy to play the role of an  Uncle .. but whose uncle? His or hers? He said he has not decided yet .. will let us know soon.

Please hurry Uncle .. the jodi may not be a jodi soon …..


1 Response to “DMG – Karan Singh – Interview of May 13”

  1. May 26, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    you and riddhima look superb together as if u r really made for each other.armaan u rock.u r the best and would be in future.you are the most handsome,cool,sexy,hot,dashing,smart and cute guy amongst each guy of television and so much popular specially in girls.

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