DMG – Ek Din Aap Humko

Especially for all of us missing the romance in the current series this may help you with a bite of LOVE fix. He looks SOOOO cute and she looks such a soft kitten. One of my favorites. Wow, I am already buzzing with excitement .. Haha !!

Ek Din Aap Humko – video:muniza06

Ek Din Aap Yoon Humko Mil Jayenge
Phool Hi Phool Raahon Mein Khil Jayenge
Maine Socha Na Tha

One day he will propose to me and of course I will say No way yaar. Haha .. only joking okay. Of course I will say yes .. who wouldn’t? There is a queue of girls around the world tryng to grab him. No way baby – he is mine, you stay out – sorry. Hopefully we both will be fully qualified doctors and no more being called “junior” doctor. We hope to get engaged within a year after that. Soon after we will marry and make a great home together. I am a little concerned about his flirting with other girls in and out at Sanjeevani hospital. It is not so much him, it is the other girls are either jealous of me or simply they want him all to themselves. Well once we get married I will have none of that. In any case Armaan is such a good guy, he is a sensible man and generally he is not like other boys – foot loose and chasing women.  He is loyal, sane and a cool guy. We will have a nice home in a good quiet location with trees and a huge garden. I would prefer a house facing the sea and lots of space but we shall see. Can’t have everything I dream of but hey we can try. God willing we will get half of the dream. In time we will have a two children – a boy and a girl *smiles*. I know he would love to have a daughter but I want a boy too. His mum and dad have brough up their children very well and I will be doing the same for our children with help of Armaan of course. But first we must have our two kiddies before getting there haha … *smiles*.

Ek Din Zindagi Itni Hogi Haseen
Jhoomega Aasmaan Gaayegi Ye Zameen
Ek Din Zindagi Itni Hogi Haseen
Jhoomega Aasmaan Gaayegi Ye Zameen
Maine Socha Na Tha

We will make a great family together Allah ki meherbani. I will make him very happy – I am sure he has same plans for me. I want to be able to embrace him when I come home from a late night duty, cuddle up to him, hug him and all that sort of ra-ra hot things like kissing and more. He takes care of his body as he works out regularly in the gymand and also does physical exercises at home including regiular jogging. After all we are both doctors so we have to do what we preach to our patients. Agreed? Of course you will. Physically he is a big guy, I cannot wait to have him all to myself. I can promise you I will be all over him you just wait and see. God I am so lucky to be a big part of his life.

One day she will be ready and want me to propose to her. I just cannot wait for that day. I know sometimes she is not sure about me. Perhaps a little scared about my arrogance and at times my abrasive behavior. I know I have a short temper and sometimes I loose my cool but hey any young man she meets would be similar.  I am not that different to other smart young confident men. I hope she does not choose that indian doctor from USA … Jay I think is his name although he sure did try hard to get her …. nor that she goes to live in USA without me of course. If anything we will get engaged, get married soon after that and then migrate to USA. The prospoects are good there and we desi folks love US dollars, who does not? I am planning to be one of the top surgeons in California. But I will not forget my roots, my origin … I will sponsor young bright hopefuls back in India and set up a fund to help them achieve their dreams. For orphan chidren I will help set up a special school to give them every opportunity I have had from my parents. Fortunately I have had every opportunity in life .. great parents, good home, good education .. everything so I want to give something back to a place which gave me so much more.

I hope to make out a great life with Ridz – we will travel around the world, have a nice big house, a car which has to be a Porsche or a similar sports car just for the two of us. Soon we will have a family .. must have at least one daughter .. a princess I can spoil just like I spoil Ridz .. haha. Ridz I will make her very happy, she is my life, merri jaan. She has good looks, she is sexy, she is educated and intelligent but above all she loves me dearly and I love her so much that we are a perfect match. We will be one great romantic couple. I just can’t wait – the sooner it happens yaar the better. I want to be with her twenty four hours a day – can’t wait to have her in my arms. I want to kiss her so much, those lips of hers drive me absolutely crazy not to mention her haunting perfumes.  I am so excited for me and for her .. she rocks yaar. Wow just can’t wait !

Dil Ki Daali Pe Kaliyaan Si Khilne Lagin
Jab Nigaahein Nigaahon Se Milne Lagin
Ek Din Is Tarah Hosh Kho Jayenge
Paas Aaye To Madhosh Ho Jayenge
Maine Socha Na Tha


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