The new AR Jodi

SBS date of interview May 29, 2008 Mumbai

This is the new Ridz Sukriti Khandpal with Armaan – not bad. Karan has settled in well with her and it would appear there is a good chemistry between the two. Chemistry as in raw-mance although Armaan is still a little arrogant as ever. We wish good luck to the new Ridz and hope Armaan makes her happy. Or should that be the other way round? Whatever, let’s say they make each other happy okay ?

When is the shaadi that is the important question. Can’t miss that for anything yaar. Will Shilpu come to the wedding? We hope so. We will be there anyways with Uncle ji of course! Will the kutta be there too? Yes yaar, no kutta, no Uncle ji. And what about the Aunti ji? Not sure about that yaar, too early to say. It all depends on the date of the wedding, she may be in Dubai on a film shoot. She is much younger then him. I hope she attends though, it will be great fun – not to be missed.

Hey guys, watch this video in bigger format at Truveo


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