Sukriti Interview – May 30

The following is the interview between Sukriti and Vidhya Krishnan conducted on 30 May, 2008.

It is reproduced here with kind permission of India-Forums . Follow the link for more.

Dill Mill Gayee has a new family member in the form of Dr. Riddhima! Sukirti Khandpal, the petite and gorgeous, takes on the new challenge from Shilpa Anand and promises to keep the audiences entertained with her role as Dr. Riddhima.

So we caught up with Sukirti to find out about her new role…

~ About this new role…
I will be playing Riddhima who is a doctor. A simple and cute girl. This role is different from that of what I played in Jersey. And this difference in roles is something that I like playing.

~ How is the shooting going…
It is going really well and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Am slowly getting into the groove.

~ What was the reason to replace the character?
I am not sure about that but I guess Shilpa had some personal reasons…

~ How did you feel when you were approached?
I felt really nice. It feels great to work with the production house that you are familiar with and it all the more makes you feel confident.

~ What made you accept the role which is replacing someone?
It doesn’t matter to me, I just took it up. There is no reason as such. I believe in my creativity and confidence level…And the theme is also good, so why not?

~ This role should be all the more challenging because you will have to match with the original character…Is it challenging?
May be…If you look at it from the audience point of view, it takes a while to get them used to it. In this industry, replacements happen and it is natural that these comparisons arise. Anyways I will give my best and the rest is left to the audience.

~ How is your rapport with your co stars…
It is been good to work with them. Infact everyone gave me a nice warm welcome. I should mention that Karan has been really sweet. Overall everyone is being very supportive and co-operative which is all the more helping me feel comfortable.

~ How is your chemistry with Karan on screen…Have you been able to share a better chemistry than Shilpa?
You should be asking Karan about it…I feel that the chemistry is quite good. But I cannot really compare with Shilpa because we are two different people. And Karan and I share a good comfort zone with each other.

~ What is next?? Your future plans…
Right now I am focusing on Dill Mill Gayee and would like to concentrate on what I have for the time being. If there are good projects my way then I will surely take them up.

~ TV/Films
Doesn’t matter to me. It all depends on the kind of offers and the subject matter which I will look into…

~ Any dream roles…
I do not have any specific dream role as such but I believe in giving variety to the audience. So I prefer doing different roles and like to give my fullest in whatever I do.

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