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Sukirti Khandpal – Who am I ?

“You can get everything if you dream” Sukirti Khandpal

m… passionate

My inspiration… my mother

My strength… will power

My weakness… I am very emotional

Marriage … life long commitment

Lust is… something that everybody has

Love is… Rajasthan (My boyfriend stays there)

I feel happy when… my family members are happy

I feel angry when… climate is hot

I’m obsessed about… hair

I’m fussy about… cleanliness

Memorable moment… when I joined Dill Mill Gaye

Embarrassing moment… my skirt was about to fall during a shoot of Jersey No.10 but thank God I realised it.

As a child… I was very lazy and used to eat a lot

One thing I could change about my self… I would want to be little less cynical about things in my life

On a deserted island I would love to go with… Jude Law

Your idea of a perfect date… candle light dinner atop a hill and I’m dressed in a white gown. It’s just so perfect.

Weirdest dream… that I’m getting married. It is weird as I don’t want to marry so soon.

Secret desire… own a Hummer car

I feel most comfortable when… I’m in a clean place

When not working… I either shop or am in the parlour or at home lazing around

My favourite colour is… Black

Last time I cried was… recently when I was shooting an emotional scene.

Last movie that I have seen was… Mere Baap Pehle Aap

Philosophy of life… You can get everything if you dream and visualise it

By RACHANA TRIVEDI – courtesy of  Telechakkar