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DMG – Moonlight Dance

This is just WOW !

video: armaanriddhima

One lonely handsome doctor sitting in the grass all alone by himself .. alone .. under a stary stary night. Another doctor notices him. She walks over .. gently bouncing along in the grass. Her hair flowing in the cool evening breeze. He winks at her as he says “You look stunning”. She replies “You too”. She flashes her eyelids. A big smile breaks over her gorgeous face. Wonderful figure she has Armaan thinks. And she looks so cute.

The two look into each other’s eyes. They hear the music playing in the evening sky and the surrounding trees. He says “Can you hear the music … playing for us?”

She replies “Where?” He says “In your heart, I can hear it. I can feel it”.

“No” she says as she laughs. “I think it is your heart singing, come a little closer, let me hear it”. He refuses. She says ” Aawona”. She pulls him close, folds her arms around his waist and puts her ear close to his chest. He laughs. I used to come here during vacations. Also learnt dancing in the afternoons. Armaan says “Shall we?” and offers his folded arm inviting her to dance. She asks where is the music. He says “Listen to our hearts, you can hear it”. The waltz begins.

He takes her hand. They dance … under the moonlit sky …. hand in hand … his arm softly caressing her bare waist, her arms gently folded around his shoulders … stars singing … stars smiling .. moonlit night … cool breeze … such a romantic environment. Heaven on earth. Soo.. blissful.

Her eyes are closed. She is floating on a different planet, floating in a cloud of bliss.

“Muje kuuch kahena hein” ponders Armaan to himself “but how shall I say it to her?” He whispers softly in her ear “Hey Baby I Love You”  She half recovers but still in a daze. A hug and a soft kiss from him. It felt so good. She is dancing on the clouds.

Suddenly the peace is broken. Someone shouted towards them .. it was coming from near the house.  It was Ramu the servant. There was a long distance call from Mumbai for Ridz. She indicated to Armaan that she has to go. Armaan tugs at her saree suggesting her to ignore the call. He gently pulls the end of her saree but she insists she has to go and will be back shortly.

Armaan sits in the grass enjoying the evening sky. He thinks he is lucky to have Ridz as his girlfriend. She is great, just the type of person I had always imagined will be my wife one day. Armaan is getting impatient and turns around towards the house to see if Ridz is getting back. No, not yet. God how long ? How much can a woman chat on the phone yaar? Back to thinking about her. Maybe this is her. She has a good personality, good looks, great body and a professional background – I cannot go wrong with her. Mum and Dad will be happy to have her in our family. I know mum would get on with her like a house on fire. She is always teasing me about girls and shaadi. Just wait until she meets Ridz. All these thoughts are running through Armaan’s head.  Ahh finally he could hear Ridz coming back. He could sense her perfume miles away, it had a very distinct fragrance yet no too strong. He loved her fragrances, her touch and her feel. She was number one for him.

Armaan grabs her at the waist as Ridz approaches him. She said something about her mummy on the phone or something. It seemed it was a general social call, nothing serious. Armaan pulls Ridz over to him. His hands slips into hers .. the palms lock tight .. now the two bodies .. he gently moves the locked arms behind her to her lower back. Now she is in a tight cordon and will not be able to move. He uses the locked hands to pull her body towards him. She does not mind .. in fact she is very happy to please him.

Armaan’s eyes stare straight into hers. The eyes know what the heart is singing. Her perfume is getting closer and closer. He wants her. She is in a tight grip. She could feel his body pressed right against her. He is a big guy she smiles. She half knows what is coming but does not expect it to happen. Her mouth opens slightly in excitement. Armaan kisses her softly. She could feel her body on fire. Her palms were sweating. For a minute she forgot where she was, her mind was lost. The trees were zooming past her eyes. He kissed her again but deeply with more passion. She did not refuse. Yes he is mine, I want him, I want him God. Ridz kisses Armaan deeply. I want to make him happy, he is mine.

Armaan recovers and says “I Love you Baby, I really do”.  He puts his arm around her shoulders and they walk back towards the house.

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