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Fans of Dr. Armaan

Some of the girl fans are getting very obssessed with Dr.Armaan. Karan may be a totally different person in real life so do not get too serious about it. A very few of you have said that you will harm yourselves so that the good doctor will fly in and fix you. Such practises are primitive and barbaric – no man is going to come running to your aid no matter how much you love him. What nonsense, move on with time.

Karan is now married and he is happy with Shraddha Nigam. Boys do not seem to have the same problem with Dr.Riddhima (new or the old one). After all Karan can only have one wife and if you were Shraddha you would not want him seen with another “wife” would you ?

So girls pull yourself together, get over it and go find your own Dr.Armaan.